Should I Throw the SHIRT Away?

On February 12, 2020 I got a text message from the man that I thought was my future husband. I expected this text. It was part of a cycle that he and I had created together.

We have been on again, off again, for several years. Each time it ended with a strange text after our honeymoon phase had ended! Each time we did better, we lasted longer, but it still always ended this way! A forced text. He could get away with this because we live in different cities. He also knows I will not run behind him. I love deeply. I will not let go until I’m finished. That could be an hour or years.

He wants to be the supplier of all my financial wants and needs. I’m financially independent. When he has a financial burden, he shuts down. We hit this brick wall every time! We said this time would be the last time. No more breaking up! I will always try to make it work if I see hope. My love, passion, and determination helps me so much in my life. It has helped me reach so many personal goals. However, in love it can set me up for failure.

For love, you will always consider the rocky road and the killer cliff even when you know danger is ahead. – Keshia Barnett

So let’s fast forward to a month later. I have the coronavirus. I’m feeling like I’m about to die. His shirt is warm when I’m cold and cold when I’m warm. I would tie it around my neck to cover my coughs. I would sleep on it. It brought me great comfort. I talked to him via text. We were done emotionally. I didn’t miss him. I just needed to know that he didn’t want me to die. That he would be hurt if I died. Is that strange?

In April, I started healing! In May recovery was in full swing. Self-published two books in two months! Feeling blessed to be alive. I have no reason to keep the shirt. The shirt is still here…

I’m questioning myself. Should I throw the shirt away?

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I have over twenty years as a classroom teacher, school counselor, SECME, Inc. (STEM) - Diversity in STEM Education Director, Staff Development Resource Teacher, and building administrator. I am a certified COMP (Classroom Organization and Management Program) trainer. I am also a Nearpod, Flocabulary, and Kahoot Certified Educator. I specialize in training teachers to use technology to create engaging lessons that help decrease student discipline and increase classroom management. Above all, I enjoy spending time with my daughter.

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  1. Throw it away, sis! In college, I held onto this dude’s sunglasses that he left in my dorm for months! Felt so much better when I tossed them away and moved on with my life💕

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