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Based on Keshia’s books and years of experience in education as a teacher, trainer, and instructional Leader, individualized trainings can be developed for a school or organization (half-day 2-3 hours or full-day 4-6 hours). Keshia specializes in using technology to create lessons that enhance classroom management and help amplify student voices. Other topics of specialization are POWER Leadership Principles for any organization. Classroom Management, Effective Lesson Planning, and Organizing Your Work and Life by Using Technology in the Classroom or Office are also topics that can be added to training packages. Use the contact form to talk to Keshia about trainings to be presented online or in-person. Email Keshia at

Current Training Topics

Individualized Packages Can Be Created to Fit the Need of Your School, Organization, or Business.

Using Technology to Create Engaging Lessons and Increase Effective Classroom Management

In this session, participants will discuss how to us online resources and other technology to create lessons and enhance classroom management. Participants will explore online classroom management activities that will help decrease student misconduct and help build a community of learns engaged. Call or email for more specific information about travel other fees based on location and organization needs.

Revitalizing Your Culture and Climate

Even the most successful organizations need to revisit culture and climate. This training requires participants to look at group dynamics, responsibilities, and standards. Team building and a review of current practices will be covered. A follow-up training is recommended but not needed.

The Fundamentals of Leadership

Participants will use the POWER Principles for Leadership Success to review current practices. Everyone is a leader. It is up to each school, organization or business to find and support individuals as leaders. The POWER Principles will be used to help organizations standardize practices and create systems of change that will help them work more efficiently and effectively.

Classroom Management for All

Classroom Management is one of the most important parts of teaching. This training helps new and seasoned teachers review practices that are essential to effective teaching. Participants will used the POWER Classroom Management Strategies by Keshia. Creating a classroom culture and climate that allows students to take risk and feel comfortable. In the training participants will develop practices to increase student ownership of their learning. These are just a few topics that will be covered in this in-depth training. The recommendation is for 3 days and with 2 or more follow-ups.

Current Training Packages

Individualized packages can be created to fit the need of your school, organization, or business.

Package #1
1 Day Training 1 Topic Selection and 1 Follow-up 3 Hour Training (Travel and Other Fees Will Be Negotiated)
  • 15 or less people to 40 people
  • Books Included
Package #2
2 Days of Training 1-2 Topic and 2 Follow-ups (One 3 Hour and One Full day of Individual Follow-up and 2 1 Hour Video Conferences with Management or Administration) (Travel and Other Fees Will Be Negotiated)
  • 15 or less people to 40 people
  • Books Included
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