Finding MY STORY Through OUR Story

What happens when you make it through a negative situation? You always make a great punch. The desire was always present. I truly believe God honors our heart’s desires but of course not on our time.You could also make lemonade, lol.

For 15+ plus years I have wanted to write a book and nothing moved! My mind didn’t move, my years of training as an educator didn’t help me, and my own life experiences did not move me toward my book goal at all.

Then, I find myself attempting to heal physically and emotionally after getting over the coronavirus. I realize my daughter is emotionally traumatized after my illness. So we write a book in 2.5 weeks. What an excellent experience to validate my daughter’s emotions.

Life is about timing. Sometimes that which was so impossible became so easy! That’s how life works. So, maybe I’m finding my way to MY STORY through OUR STORY? Stay with me! A new journey begins.

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