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Our Story How We Made it Through the Coronavirus

This is a story about my daughter and I making it through the Coronavirus. As a family we wanted to give you our individual perspectives on what it was like to go through the Coronavirus. We also wanted people especially children, to know that it is normal to feel stressed, or anxious about the Coronavirus.


Discovering the Alphabet with Miss. K.M.B.

Welcome to the ABC adventures of Miss. K.M.B. A beautifully illustrated twist on a classic concept. Fun facts, hidden lowercase alphabets, and illustration that immediately grabs a reader’s attention are just a few things this book offers. This is a must have book for your beginning reader collection.


The Heart Remembers What the Brain Often Forgets

This story is about a preteen named Kyla. She finds herself confused and upset about things that are happening in her life. This book features Miss. K. M. B. as a narrator. This book is for upper elementary and middle school readers. However, the book is fun and can be enjoyed by all readers.


A Book of Interesting Poems by Miss. Kyla Barnett

This is a poetry book based on my real-life journeys of Miss. Kyla Barnett. All the poems are special to her. Kyla put her thoughts, feelings, and memories into all the poems.


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